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Bali Silver Beads

Bali sterling silver beads for jewelry making

Bali silver beads are manufactured in various shapes and sizes. We provide for making beaded jewelry and you can choose the type of beads suitable with the design of jewelry you want to make. With the wholesale prices we offer, you have the freedom to choose various types are available on the sub categories: round beads, other beads shape, plain beads, beads barrels, granulation, brushed beads, and we even provide a large hole beads fit for Pandora bracelet , with Balinese ornament of course. Bali beads are decorated by a small swirl of wire and silver granules. To emphasize decoration on the surface, most of bali beads is oxidized, with a given a black color on the background. Raised part of decoration on the surface is polished until shiny. The contrast between the decorations and background will make Bali beads more beautiful and unique.


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